Friday, January 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

 This Thanksgiving, the Hoover fam made our way to Waco for the Ledbetter family thanksgiving! It was Eli's longest drive so far (3 hours), and he did great! 

My granddad is 93 years old, and he and my whole family crowded into Aunt Susan's house to celebrate and be thankful! Eli's cousin Paisley (born in August), and his cousin Tuett (born April 2011) were there and they got to play for the first time! Mostly, though, Eli did a lot of cuddling with various family members, especially his Pops (my dad).

One of my family's biggest Thanksgiving traditions ( *sings* TRADITION! tra-di-tion!) is taking the Thanksgiving Afternoon Walk. I wore Eli in my homemade ring sling, and Brooke wore Paisley in her Baby Bjorn to share the babywearing love. 

Eli slept though most of this, his first Thanksgiving Afternoon Walk. 

There were 4 generations at this Thanksgiving celebration! How exciting that I get to be a part of a 4 generation picture now! 

Ryan did not like having to share Eli with so many people, and every time I had to take Eli to nurse, he wanted me to bring Eli to him afterwards so that he could snag some snuggle time, too! Eli is a very lucky kid to have a dad who loves him so much that he doesn't want to share!

We ate a lot of very delicious food for Thanksgiving! I think every dish had at least one whole stick of butter in it! This is why I love Thankgsiving!!

At the end of the day, Eli was tuckered out! He snuggled with Grandmother (my mom) and fell asleep almost instantly! It was a big day for my boy! Can't wait 'til next year when Eli can enjoy a few Thanksgiving favorites with us! I wonder what he will like best?! I hope it's my Gourmet Broccoli Rice Casserole! Frankly, how could it not be?!

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