Friday, January 4, 2013

A Post-Thanksgiving Visit with Friends!

After Thanksgiving, Ryan went home to the 'burg to see a friend who was in town from far away, but Eli and I went back to Austin with my mom and dad, and while we were there, we got to see some wonderful old friends! Chelsea went to preschool with me about 20 years ago, and we were best friends for our whole childhood. This summer, my mom, my dad, baby Kristopher, and I went to Chelsea's BEAUTIFUL wedding! My mom and Chelsea's mom, Lori, became best friends while drinking iced tea as Chelsea and I ran by during playdates, hoping that they wouldn't notice us and would keep drinking tea so that we could play a little while longer. It has been a long time, but as with all good friendships, no matter how long we go between seeing each other, the love is still strong!

Eli was looking extra cute before Chelsea and Lori got to my mom's house, so we had a little photo shoot!

Chelsea doesn't hold babies, as a rule, but I promised her that she wouldn't break him, and she decided that it might be ok just this once. I think she's a natural!

Eli had a good time snuggling with Lori, too! 

Chelsea and Lori were sweet enough to take a picture of Eli with my mom and me, since we are usually behind the camera and don't always get a good representation in pictures! Three generations, here! Wow! 

We had a great time in Austin visiting with my parents and friends, but Eli and Ryan were both very happy for some father-son time as soon as we got back home! 

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