Friday, January 4, 2013

Making Christmas!

Ryan and I absolutely LOVE Christmas time! I have to force Ryan to wait until we are driving home from Thanksgiving festivities to play our gigantic collection of Mannheim Steamroller (you can't have Christmas until Thankgiving is officially over), and we both love to decorate our house for our favorite holiday. 

This year is no different. In fact, it is even more exciting to get into the holiday spirit because we now have a little one to share our enthusiasm with. Eli may not know what's going on as we decorate the tree and BLAST Mannheim, but he sure does love his new tummy time spot - right under the Christmas tree!


 Ryan likes to get out all of the ornaments first because that is what his family always did. He did a lot of the un-tissue-paper-ing with Eli while I did a lot of the ornament-placing. 

 Ryan and I both have several ornaments that are very meaningful to us. All of mine are blown glass, because that is what we always had on my family tree, but some of Ryan's are crafts from when he was a kid, or gifts from family friends that he got as he grew up. We can't wait to tell Eli the stories behind these favorite ornaments, and to add Eli's ornaments to the tree as he gathers his own Christmas ornament stories!

 After all of the ornaments are on the tree, we love to turn off every single light that is in our house and sit on the couch as a family to look at our beautiful creation! So cool that this is what both of our families did, and that we can bring a tradition to our family from both sides!

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