Friday, December 7, 2012's raffle giveaway!!

If you have seen me out and about since our boy was born, you probably have seen me babywearing. Yep, don't go back and read it again. Babywearing. Let's talk about how this is the BEST thing that has happened to being a mom since babies were invented. Hold baby and shop? SURE! Feed baby handsfree? You bet! Keep baby close and kissable anytime and anywhere? DEFINITELY. 
And is the place to go to find the baby carrier of your DREAMS. Mine is on its way cross country right now and will be under the tree for me this year!! 

Here are the reasons that is your one stop shop for all your momming needs.

1) They are SO helpful, and will help you figure out what kind of carrier is the one for you with their Custom Babywearing Prescription! (

2) They get your package shipped FAST!

3) It's run by sweet Work At Home Moms (WAHMs)!

4) They have SO many great vendors, and a lot of them are WAHMs!! Let's suport those mommas!!

5) Their facebook page will help you hook up with other babywearing mommas (or dads!) in your area so you can have fun babywearing in a group!

6) They sell more than just baby carriers! Go check out their Baltic Amber for pain relief, sweet handmade plush toys, beautiful wrap scrap pillow shams and way more!

They just hit 10,000 fans on their fabulous (and SO helpful) facebook page, and they are having a raffle for some FANTASTIC prizes! (I want the Girasol Diamond Weave Cream weft wrap!!) So check them out!

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